About Me

Step into the kinky world of fantasy and transformation, guided by a Mistress / Goddess (a former physique model) adorned with a Masters in Psychology and a wealth of expertise in domination.

Venturing into my world is akin to unlocking the gateway to a realm where your most profound desires and vivid fantasies are nurtured and transformed into vibrant, living experiences.

- Miss Chevrolet

Whether you're a seasoned devotee of submission or a curious explorer of kink, your cravings are not just valid but deserving of wholehearted exploration and acceptance. By reaching out, you'll gain privileged access to an exclusive realm, engage in deep and meaningful conversations, and establish a genuine connection with a Domme who welcomes being addressed as "Mistress" or "Goddess."

As a seasoned Domme, I offer a unique journey of self-improvement, forging a path towards a better and healthier version of yourself. I combine my expertise in wellbeing with my passion for domination. My attention is reserved for those who seek the enduring embrace of profoundly personal and satisfying long term D/s dynamic.

Would you like to belong to a powerful and very fit Domme?

Through the exquisite dance of power and desire, I masterfully craft your deepest fantasies into unforgettable kinky experiences.

I extend my hand to seekers of a profound connection with a dominant woman, those who aspire to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary world of kinky fantasies. I am drawn to the intoxicating allure of control and dominance, and I bestow the gift of my precious time upon an exclusive few who possess the privilege of earning My unwavering devotion.

Miss Chevrolet with decades of experience as a Domme and subs who keep coming back to me. Also a former model with a Masters in Psychology and training in hypnosis, wellbeing and nutritional coaching. My domination is unique as it helps you to healthier habits and lifestyle changes.

BDSM means for me so much more than just play time. It is a lifestyle for me and a journey of exploration. It is a world of fantasy and escape from the societal pressures and rules. It is about letting go of control and worry (especially for the sub). It is about power exchange, control / surrendering, sensuality, pleasure, exploration / fulfilment of desires and fantasies, opening one to new experiences and liberation of the mind.

As a Mistress I enjoy the long-term dynamic as a Dominant. I like the control. Are you a sub that wants to surrender to their Queen / Goddess completely, serve her needs and obey her every command?

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==

96% Dominant
96% Master/Mistress
94% Rigger
87% Voyeur
78% Switch
72% Degrader
69% Sadist
68% Brat tamer
65% Experimentalist
58% Exhibitionist
50% Owner
47% Primal (Hunter)
36% Non-monogamist
32% Submissive
31% Vanilla
13% Mommy
0% Ageplayer
0% Pet
0% Slave
0% Girl
0% Degradee

Don't hesitate – take the leap and connect with me on Loverfans now. Immerse yourself in a universe filled with pleasure, curiosity, and the captivating journey of submission. Let's initiate a conversation and embark on this exhilarating voyage together, guided by Miss Chevrolet.